Rules Of Procedure

The Regulation of Villa Carlo Resort is established to guarantee everyone a uniform, ordered, serene and peaceful use of the structure. It has a contractual nature between the Villa Carlo Resort "and the guest, Therefore, the request for a stay and the acceptance of this request implies acceptance of this regulation.


Are obligatory documents for all customers, adults and children, you have to check in for an overnight stay;

any their temporary guests, subject to the approval of the Directorate, must present a proof of identity for registration and will not persist beyond h. 23.00.


Customers who have booked through agencies, tour operator or web sites , must occur with the reservation document / voucher.

The selection and designation of the room is the sole discretion of the Directorate.

Only children accompanied by parents. No weapons, nor drugs, Neither alcoholic drinks in excess. All rooms are non-smoking but there are large open areas for smokers.

You can request a double bed or if you want two beds.

The customer that for misuse, negligence or carelessness has damage to the structure, its features or objects in use, will be charged for the amounts needed for repairs, substitutions and the cleaning of the case. For the subtraction shall be ascertained in accordance with the law.

All the complaints in the event of breaches of customers, including drinks bar and restaurant,will be applied directly using the credit card details supplied by you in the booking.

The direction doesn't respond damage due to events of force majeure Neither the shortfall of objects and/or values of guests (each guest is obliged to the diligence of any valuables in his possession or to ask for custody in a safe at the reception staff).


The departure day the rooms must be vacated within hours 10:30/11:00 and the keys thereof must be delivered at the Reception the staff that provides the control than given in use (to avoid discussions please give notice of any breakage).

Late Check-Out:

Must be requested at the reception the day of check-out. Payments may be required for extra hours.

Policy on pets :

The pets will be accepted only upon request, at no additional cost. However, in case of non-compliance with normal rules of cleaning or damage caused by the animal, Villa Carlo Resort reserves the right to establish a compensation equal to the cost of cleaning and/or repair. The owner be liable for any damages to things and/or people.


The use of the pool is permitted by hours 09:30 at 19:30 exclusively for guests of Villa Carlo Resort. For reasons of hygiene it is mandatory the use of a shower before entering the pool.

In the pool area and in public areas within the structure you must always accompany children and supervise them. Parents (or who exercises the power legally) be liable for acts committed by their minor children.

Villa Carlo Resort declines any responsibility in case of damage caused to yourself and to others not because compliance over highlighted.