The Surroundings


Villa Carol is the starting point for fascinating excursions to discover the many fascinating destinations that Marsala and its surroundings offer.

Just A few minutes by road (to do even by bicycle), You can reach the Riserva Naturale dello Stagnone, a wet area where many species migrate: the Knight of Italy, the Flamingo, la Gazzetta. The Laguna dello Stagnone, surrounding the reserve, consists of several islands, and to the island of Mothia, a veritable open-air museum, evidence of the Phoenician-Punic civilization. In front of the Stagnone is the archipelago of the Aegadian Islands, three pearls of uncontaminated beauty Islands: Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo.
Favignana and’ famous for la mattanza – the ancient tuna fishing. Levanzo has artistic dating to the Paleolithic Cave hidden in the Genovese. Marettimo, the most bitter, beautiful and wild, is a temple of nature.

Other nature reserves in the province of Trapani are the Saline nature reserve of Trapani and Paceco, Zingaro nature reserve, near the sea-faring town of San Vito Lo Capo, famous worldwide for the Cous Cous Festival, and then the reserve of Belice River, with its dunes.

For those who love travelling in history, not to be missed are Erice, the medieval town that preserves intact its original plant; Segesta, with the temple and the ancient theatre stage international shows today, and Selinunte, the largest Archaeological Park in Europe.